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Fanzine Update!

Sorry Sorry Sorry you pretty pixies. My life has been less than bearable the past few weeks but I'm back to earth now.

The Jan 31 deadline is going to be impossible. So it'll be extended to February 19th. Is that okay? The deadline for the cover art will be February 19th also. Is that alright with anyone. And to answer some questions:

Q:What size is the zine going to be? I was wondering what size page to decorate and send in and all that?

A: The zine will be half-sized but submissions can be half a page or a whole page or more than one page. I'm not picky.

Q:Does everything have to be FLB-related or can it be FLB-like or inspired? I have some short stories about faeries and such, and though I was planning on writing something about FLB too, I was wondering if I could submit those.

A: FLB-like and FLB-inspired is completely fine! There probably won't be any submission that I won't accept. Like I said, I'm not picky. As long as it's not really obscene or racist it'll be fine. But then again if it were obscene and racist I doubt it would be FLB-like.

Q:And is the due date still the 31st?

A: Nope. It is now Feb. 19th.

Q: How long is too long for a story?

A: To tell the truth I'm not sure. It'll really depend on how many submissions I get and long the zine ends up being. But send me the story anyway and more than likely it'll end up in the zine.

Q: Does the piece i submit have to not have been published elsewhere?

A: Submissions can already be published elsewhere. That's fine. As long as your not submitting something written by someone else. And as long as I won't get in trouble with the law for reprinting it.

Also if anyone has any pictures or any FLB-esque clippings that can be used for backgrounds and such, that would be a BIG help.
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